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David Carter: Stonewall

David Carter: Stonewall

USA 2005, 336 pp., brochure,  19.95
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In 1969, a series of riots over police action against the Stonewall Inn, a small, dark, mob-run gay bar in New York City's Greenwich Village, changed the longtime landscape of homosexuals in society literally overnight. These weeklong protests are widely acknowledged as the »first shot« that ushered in a previously unimagined era of openness, political action, and massive social change. Coming during a time when lesbians and gays were routinely closeted and in fear of losing their jobs, their apartments, their families, and even their freedom, these riots - barely covered in the media at the time - were the spark that led to a new militancy and openness in the gay political movement. The term »Stonewall« has itself become almost synonymous with the struggle for gay rights, and yet there has been relatively little hard information generally available about the riots themselves - a situation the author tries to alter.
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