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Richard Amory: Song of the Loon

Richard Amory: Song of the Loon

CAN 2005, 247 pp., brochure,  19.95
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Arsenal Pulp
Published well ahead of its time in 1966, this book is a lusty gay frontier romance that tells the story of Ephraim MacIver, a 19th century outdoorsman, and his travels through the American wilderness, where he meets a number of men who share with him stories, wisdom and intimate encounters. The most popular erotic gay book of the 1960s, this novel was the inspiration for two sequels, a 1970 film of the same name, at least one porn movie, and a parody novel. Unique among pulp novels of the time, the gay characters in »Song of the Loon« are strong and romantically drawn, traits which have earned the book a place in the canon of gay American literature. With an introduction by Michael Bronski.
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