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Darwin Porter: Howard Hughes - Hell's Angel

Darwin Porter: Howard Hughes - Hell's Angel

USA 2005, 814 pp., cloth,  22.89
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Thanks in part to »The Aviator«, the world already knows about Howard Hughes's filming of »Hell's Angels«, his links to blonde goddess Jean Harlow, his transglobal flight, his drug addictions, his obsessive-compulsive disorder, and his role as America's 1st billionaire. Hughes led a life of almost unprecedented debauchery. The biography documents that corruption and the A-list legends who collaborated. Hughes's sexual and emotional odyssey is described frankly and even graphically, without apologies to the faint of heart. Hughes emerges as the century's greatest Lothario, with origins that included a devouring and incestuous mother, an indulgent but absent father, and seductions of the greatest all-star cast of lovers - male and female - ever assembled in a single lifetime.
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