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Katherine Sender: Business, not Politics

Katherine Sender: Business, not Politics

USA 2004, 311 pp., hardback,  39.99
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Over the past decade, a variety of national corporations, including Subaru, Abercrombie & Fitch, and American Express, have pitched their products at a new consumer niche: the gay market. The author refutes conventional wisdom and argues that marketing has been integral in the constitution of a GLBT community and identity since the 1970s and has had significant impact on the visibility of gays and lesbians in the broader society. Advocates and critics have looked at the boom in the gay market with both excitement and trepidation. For some, gay and lesbian themes in advertising represent mainstream validation of their existence, while others are concerned that marketers have misrepresented the gay community by depicting it as white, male, and wealthy. Critics also suggest that the phenomenon of gay consumerism runs counter to progressive gay activism.
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