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Andrew Harvey (ed.): The Essential Gay Mystics

Andrew Harvey (ed.): The Essential Gay Mystics

USA 2001, 290 pp., brochure,  23.19
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From Sappho to Whitman, Vergil to Audre Lorde, those who love others of the same sex have been foremost in the ranks of artists whose work reflects a mystical experience of God. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people will find writings that illuminate the mystical path in this bountiful collection of selections from their spiritual forebears. The radical lesson of these mystics is that the transcendent union with the divine can come through the body and the senses, rather than by denial of the body. The book includes texts from the Greeks and Romans, the Native American »berdache« tradition, the ancient Far East, and the Persian Sufi traditions, as well as works from literary figures from the Renaissance to the 20th century, each presented with a short biographical introduction.