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Ronald E. Long: Men, Homosexuality, and the Gods

Ronald E. Long: Men, Homosexuality, and the Gods

USA 2004, 178 pp., brochure, € 15.69
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This book engages the reader in an exploration of masculinity and homoeroticism across many cultures, times, and religions. The author creatively juxtaposes a variety of cultural and religious constructions of masculinity to provide a genealogical study of male »tops« and »bottoms«. Male bottoms are cultural constructs of masculinity. Today's gay bottoms are even revolutionary in redefining masculinity. The author throws down the gauntlet to a fragile, threatened contemporary heterosexual masculinity that they do not have a monopoly over masculinity, for real men can also be penetrated. This study brings together a cross-section of historical sources and examples. It provides a »genealogy« of religious perspectives on male homosexuality.
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