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Greg Herren: Murder in the Rue St. Ann

Greg Herren: Murder in the Rue St. Ann

USA 2004, 262 pp., brochure,  12.99
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Most private investigators dream about taking such cases. All sexy Chanse MacLeod has to do is find out who is trying to sabotage the opening of former dance-hit diva Dominique DuPré's new French Quarter nightclub. But mysteries - and people - are not always as easy to figure out as we would like them to be. Before Chanse's investigation is over, he will be lucky to escape with his life. Things begin simply enough with a visit to Mark Williams, the gorgeous but shady promoter Dominique has hired to handle her club's opening. Chanse quickly uncovers financial shenanigans in Williams's past, but soon those improprieties are the least of Chanse's worries. Not only does the PR guy have ties to people in positions of power, he also has ties to Chanse's lover, Paul.
Schwul > Krimi
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