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Ben Tyler: Gay Blades

Ben Tyler: Gay Blades

USA 2004, 308 pp., brochure,  12.99
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Never in a million years did lean, muscled, competitive figure skater Garry Windsor imagine he'd sink to performing nightly in »Gold on Ice«, a glittery, gaudy, touring ice-skating show. Maybe if he hadn't fallen on his adorable buns with each attempted quad jump during his one-shot Olympic program, he'd be beaming from a box of cereal. Garry's only consolation in the world of theme park tacky is his best friend and fellow skater Jay Logan. When the troupe hits a local rink in Clarksville, the guys think they've hit an all-time low until they meet a gorgeous, 18-year-old fan: Tag Tempkin. Projecting a demeanor of sweet innocence, the novice skater shyly takes to the ice and executes a dazzling, flawless performance, and Garry and Jay watch as their protegé claws his way to the top over their beautifully bare backs.
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