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Augusten Burroughs: Magical Thinking

Augusten Burroughs: Magical Thinking

USA 2004, 268 pp., pb,  11.59
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From the number-one bestselling author of »Running with Scissors« and »Dry« comes Augusten Burrough's most eagerly anticipated collection yet: true stories that give voice to the thoughts that we all have but dare not mention. A contest of wills with a deranged cleaning lady. The execution of a rodent carried out with military precision and utter horror. Telemarketing revenge. A different kind of »roof work«. Dating an undertaker who drives a mini-van. This is the fabric of Augusten Burroughs's life: a collection of true stories that are universal in their appeal yet unabashedly intimate, stories that shine a flashlight into both dark and hilarious places. With »Magical Thinking«, Augusten Burroughs goes where other memoirists fear to tread.
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