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Becky Cochrane, Tim Lambert: The Deal

Becky Cochrane, Tim Lambert: The Deal

USA 2004, 292 pp., brochure,  14.79
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Aaron Fisher vows he isn't looking for love. He has bar buddies, workout buddies, and bed buddies for companionship. He enjoys his career teaching literature. And his single-but-searching friends provide all the romantic drama he can stand - and then some. Which is why he proposes »The Deal«: lovelorn Miranda and Alex have until next New Year's Eve to find love, or at least stop whining about their lack thereof. During the year of exploring love, Aaron and his friends take on unfaithful husbands, vindictive rumormongers, well-intentioned stalkers, pixie drummers and marauding palmetto bugs. Though Aaron thinks he knows what goes on in his friends' bedrooms, at the group's monthly »Love Sucks« meetings he's surprised by the revelations about their dreams of love.
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