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Aaron Hamburger: The View from Stalin's Head

Aaron Hamburger: The View from Stalin's Head

USA 2004, 259 pp., brochure,  12.89
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These stories unfold in post-Cold War Prague of the 1990s - a magnet for artists and writers, tourists and college grad deadbeats, the citizens both resentful of and nostalgic for their Communist past. Against this backdrop, the author conjures an arresting array of characters: a self-appointed rabbi who runs a synagogue for non-Jews, an artist, once branded as a criminal by the communist regime, who hires a teenage boy to boss him around, a fiery would-be socialist trying to rouse the oppressed masses while feeling the tug of her comfortable Stateside upbringing. European and American, Jewish and gentile, straight and gay, the people in these stories are forced to confront themselves when the ethnic, religious, political, and sexual labels they used to rely on prove less stable than they'd imagined.
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