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Steven Cooper: Saving Valencia

Steven Cooper: Saving Valencia

USA 2004, 265 pp., brochure, € 14.95
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Valencia Brandywine, heiress to a hotel empire, is missing. Her brother, Rico, is on a quest to find her. But considering the history of the Brandywine family, this is not an ordinary case of a missing person. Valencia and Rico were kidnapped many times as children. Huge sums of money were drained from the corporation to free them. But Valencia kidnapped as an adult? Rico doesn't buy it. That is, until the ransom note arrives. The demand: 7 million dollars and Rico's public renunciation of his homosexuality. Seems that Valencia has been kidnapped by »Walk Away With Jesus«, a group of fundamentalist zealots hell-bent on converting the world's gay men and lesbians to a life of station wagons and white picket fences.
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