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Bruce Benderson: User

Bruce Benderson: User

UK 2023, 228 pp., pb., € 17.95
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Muswell Press
A New York City hustler with a special gift for reeling in customers, Apollo, »a pale skinned mulatto with a mournful mouth« strips at a gay sex theatre in Times Square. He is one of the most seductive and disturbing creations in recent American fiction. Unflinchingly describing the lives of hustlers, pimps, drug-addicts and transsexuals in 1990s Times Square, User speaks with the authentic voice of characters from the edge. This is a world filled with stark, hypnotic eroticism and mined with terrors peculiar to the subterranean city in the hours after midnight. - A Queer Classic published in the UK for the first time. By the bestselling author of »The Romanian,« winner of the Prix de Fleurs.
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