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Paul Monette: Becoming a Man

Paul Monette: Becoming a Man

USA 2004, 278 pp., brochure, € 19.95
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Paul Monette first made a name for himself in 1978 with his debut novel »Taking Care of Mrs. Carroll«, a comic romp with serious overtones. He established himself as a writer of popular fiction with three more novels before he and his lover were both diagnosed with HIV. In 1988 he wrote »On Borrowed Time«, a memoir of living with AIDS and of his lover's death. - A child of the 1950s from a small New England town. »Perfect Paul« earns staight A's and scholarships and shines in social and literary pursuits, all the while keeping a secret - from himself and the rest of the world. Struggling to be or at least to imitate a straight man, through Ivy League halls of privilege and bohemian travels abroad, loveless intimacy, and unrequited passion. Paul Monette was haunted, and finally saved, by a dream - »The thing I'd never even seen: two men in love and laughing«. This searingly honest, witty, and humane merging of memoir and manifesto has become the definitive coming out story - and a classic of the coming-of-age genre. It was awarded the 1992 National Book Award for nonfiction.
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