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Dennis Cooper: Try

Dennis Cooper: Try

UK 2004, 199 pp., brochure, € 19.95
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Ziggy is the adopted son of two gay men, whose attempt at heterosexual-style domesticity has collapsed spectacularly. Now a deeply disturbed teenager, Ziggy lives with one father in L.A. who has been raping him since he was 8, while his other dad, a music critic in N.Y., has only reestablished contact with his son as a result of his own sexual agenda towards teenaged boys. Added to this are Ziggy's Uncle Ken, a producer of home-made kiddie porn who spends most of the novel in the company of Robin, a 13-year-old Heavy Metaller who has come to Ken's house in the expectation of payment for sex, Cricket, a teenaged transvestite, and Calhoun, Ziggy's heroin-addicted »best friend«. »Try« follows their lives, charting their abortive attempts, frequently revealing their inability to feel anything.
Schwul > Romane
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