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Quinn Brockton: Always Have, Always Will

Quinn Brockton: Always Have, Always Will

USA 2004, 278pp., brochure, € 24.95
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The 3rd prequel to the American »Queer As Folk« Series: After college, Brian must trade his status as BMOC for the bottom rung of the corporate ladder, while Michael now wonders if he's also given up on his dreams. Emmett visits Pittsburgh to celebrate the spectacular lunch of his fashion marketing company in Los Angeles, while Deb adds gay rights advocacy to her act of working at the diner. Add in a secret romance, sexually charged office politics, an over-the-top drag ball, and the arrival of new friends and lovers, and our little bang is tasted enough to qualify for postgraduate credit. More than ever before, Michael and Brian find their friendship challenged. As they are torn apart, Brian sees that it's Michael he's always loved. But will he tell him before it's too late?
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