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Harry Benshoff, Sean Griffin (eds.): Queer Cinema - The Film Reader

Harry Benshoff, Sean Griffin (eds.): Queer Cinema - The Film Reader

USA/CAN/UK 2004, 242 pp., brochure,  39.95
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»Queer Cinema« brings together key writings that use queer theory to explore cinematic sexualities. The collection examines the relationship between cinematic representations of sexuality and their social, historical, and industrial contexts. »Auteurs« examines the ways in which sexuality figures in the work of queer filmmakers. »Forms« explores how the horror film, the musical, film noir, and the animated film construct queer cinematic spaces. »Camp« looks how this reception strategy and mode of textual production , initially practiced by pre-Stonewall queers, retains its critical charge in contemporary mainstream popular culture. »Reception« considers historical case studies of queer fans interacting with media texts (Judy Garland, Underground Film, and Star Trek).
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