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Ellis Martin / Zach Ozma (eds.): We Both Laughed in Pleasure

Ellis Martin / Zach Ozma (eds.): We Both Laughed in Pleasure

The Selected Diaries of Lou Sullivan 1961 - 1991. USA 2019, 419 pp., brochure,  27.95
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Nightboat Books
Drawn from Lou Sullivan's meticulously kept journals, this landmark book records the life of arguably the first publicly gay trans man to medically transition. »We Both Laughed In Pleasure« narrates the inner life of a gay trans man moving through the shifting social, political, and medical mores of the second half of the 20th century. Sullivan kept comprehensive journals from age eleven until his AIDS-related death at 39. Sensual, lascivious, challenging, quotidian and poetic, the diaries complicate and disrupt normative trans narratives. Entries from twenty-four diaries reveal Sullivan's self-articulation and the complexity of a fascinating and courageous figure.