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Elskamagazine: Elska Toronto (Canada)

Elskamagazine: Elska Toronto (Canada)

Local Boys + Local Stories,  19.90
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Liam Campbell - ELSKA 8
This issue is dedicated to Toronto, a city famed for its dynamism, its multiculturalism, and for its oh so friendly people. It's also one of the most hard to fathom cities - the architecture is all over the place, the neighbourhoods all feel disparate, and the whole place is vast, but somehow the mix just works, paralleling the fabulous diversity of its population. We knew from the start we wanted to do a Canadian city, and Toronto made for a fantastic introduction to a lovely and multi[1]layered country. Inside the issue you'll meet a dozen Toronto boys who represent the city's diverse make-up - there's all different backgrounds, body types, and ages here (this issue's men ranged from 20 to 73). You'll get to know them through Elska's honest brand of photography as well as through personal storytelling - each lad gets his own chapter including their self-penned story so you can get to know them even more. Some of the story highlights here include: Richard W's recollection of marching naked during Pride; Tate S's piece on those little micro-moments of recognition that confirmed his gender more than any surgery could do alone; Milan C's touching tale of losing a keepsake that was so meaningful to him but seemed meaningless to others; and Adam Z's text that wonders, “Why am I an animal?!” 180 pages. Features images of stories from: Bryan P, Shane H, Matt O, Daniel C, Jonathan D, Milan C, Harvey S, Mitch D, Tate S, Michael L, Adam Z, and Richard W.
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