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Merlin Holland: Oscar Wilde

Merlin Holland: Oscar Wilde

USA 2007, 384 pp., cloth, € 26.69
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Merlin Holland's »Oscar Wilde: A Life in Letters« is, in effect, a selected letters, 384 manageable pages rather than the 1,270 of the »Complete Letters«. This has necessitated the omission of »De profundis«, all 50,000 words of it. That apart, it is a judicious and representative selection. Telling the Wilde story in his own words, this is a calm approach that conveys the heights to which Wilde rose, which then rendered so extreme his descent to the depths. Wonderfully fluent in style, the letters bear that most familiar of Wildean hallmarks - the lightest of touches for the most serious of subjects. He comments openly on his life and his work from the early years of undergraduate friendship, through his year-long lecture tour in America as a striving young »Professor of Aesthetics«, to the short period of fame and success in the early 1890s, when he corresponded with many leading political, literary and artistic figures of the time. Disgrace and imprisonment followed, but even in adversity his humour did not desert him.
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