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Paul R. Dokecki: The Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis

Paul R. Dokecki: The Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis

USA 2004, 278 pp., brochure, € 33.99
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The story of sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests has sent shock waves around the nation and will not fade from consciousness or the news. One may ask, »How could this happen?« and then, »How could the Catholic Church let this continue for so long - in seeming silence and duplicity?« The author investigates the crisis not only with the eye of an investigative reporter, but with the analytical skills and training of a psychologist as well. Moreover, he lays the foundation for reasonable and practical reform measures. Through the scandals in the Archdioceses of Boston and Nashville, the author reports on and analyzes what is ultimately an abuse of power - not only by the clergy but by church officials. Through the lenses of professional ethics, the human sciences, and ecclesiology, the author sees all instances of clergy sexual abuse reveal a systemic deficiency in the structure and the nature of the church itself - to prevent itself from adequately dealing with its own worst sins.
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