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Melissa M. Wilcox: Queer Religiosities

Melissa M. Wilcox: Queer Religiosities

An Introduction to Queer and Transgender Studies in Religion. USA 2020, 252 pp., brochure, € 49.95
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Rowman and Littlefield
»Queer Religiosities« is a comprehensive, comparative, globally-focused textbook that introduces students to queer studies in religion. It is organized in a comparative, thematic format that allows readers to approach the study of queer religion from a variety of angles while teaching key principles in the study of religion and the study of sexuality and gender. »Queer Religiosities« aims to make the rapidly growing research in queer studies in religion accessible to students. The chapters, undertaken with an intersectional approach, are filled with diverse and richly textured examples, drawn from various, mainly contemporary religious traditions and cultural forms (from ritual practices to popular art and film). These examples are interspersed with clear descriptions of critical concepts, approaches and consequential scholarship in these overlapping academic fields. Supplemental materials, including study questions, bibliographies, and an annotated filmography make this introduction readily teachable, and a vital resource for designing compelling university courses in religion and sexuality.
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