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David Feinberg: Eighty-Sixed

David Feinberg: Eighty-Sixed

USA 2002, 326 pp., brochure,  14.95
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Gay classic dealing with the onslaught of AIDS now available again! In 1980, B.J. Rosenthal‘s only mission is to find himself a boyfriend and avoid setbacks like bad haircuts, bad sex, and Jewish guilt. In post-AIDS 1986, B.J.‘s world has changed dramatically - his friends and lovers are getting sick, everyone is at risk, and B.J. is panicking. Parrying high-wire wit against unbearable human tragedy, »Eighty-Sixed« now stands as a testament to an era. If Woody Allen were gay and wrote novels, he‘d probably produce something like »Eighty-Sixed«.