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Dale Peck: What We Lost

Dale Peck: What We Lost

UK 2004, 229 pp., brochure, € 29.95
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Dale Peck Sr. grows up extremely poor in rural Long Island in the 1950s, sharing a one-room house with seven brothers and sisters, an abusive mother, and an alcoholic father haunted by his past. When, at 12, he is more or less kidnapped by his father and taken to his uncle's farm in Greenville, upstate N.Y., the change is remarkable. Dale grows strong and healthy from the strenuous work on the farm, and he develops a loving relationship with his uncle Wallace. For the first time, he knows contentment. But when Dale's mother demands that he return, he is forced to choose between his broken family and the land and uncle he has come to love. It is a decision that will determine his future and the legacy he will pass on to his own son.
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