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Ethan Reid (R): Peter de Rome - the Grandfather of Gay Porn

Ethan Reid (R): Peter de Rome - the Grandfather of Gay Porn

UK 2016, engl. OF, 97 min., € 19.99
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Documentary about gay film-maker Peter de Rome. Using archive footage and filmed interviews, the feature chronicles his life from his childhood in Britain to his move to the US in the late 1950s where he would go on to make the many gay-themed erotic films he is now known for. Armed with only an 8mm movie camera de Rome was an eccentric English gentleman who, in the 1960s (sic!), would politely be asking young men to remove their clothes and »perform« on camera. Initially this was filmmaking for his own pleasure, but it wasn't long before a growing audience wanted to see more although his work was considered too risky, too controversial, and too subversive for a general viewing. De Rome's story spans eight decades of »gay experience« both in the US and the UK with first-hand experiences from WW II to Stonewall and beyond. The film charts the remarkable journey from cinematic outlaw to celebrated film icon with contributions from collaborators and some of those he influenced.
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