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Eley Williams: The Liar's Dictionary

Eley Williams: The Liar's Dictionary

UK 2020, 265 pp., brochure, € 14.95
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»Swansby's New Encylopaedic Dictionary« is riddled with fictitious entries known as mountweazels penned by Peter Winceworth, a man wishing to make his lasting mark back in 1899. It's up to young intern Mallory to uncover these mountweazels before the dictionary can be digitised for modern readers. Winceworth, an introverted lovelorn man in 1899 fakes having a lisp, and Mallory, an introverted very-in-love lesbian woman in the present day, is nervous about introducing her girlfriend to people as more than a flatmate. Their intensely focused endeavour is to precisely research and define every word, but language is such an unwieldy beast this task seems insurmountable and never ending. Additionally, Mallory is newly charged with hunting down the mountweazels in that dictionary. Where did these false words come from and why were they added? Adding to this mystery are a series of threatening phone calls Mallory receives and Wineworth seems to become infatuated with a strange woman. Lost in Winceworth's imagination - a world full of meaningless words - will Mallory finally discover the secret to living a meaningful life?
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