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John D´Emilio: Queer Legacies

John D´Emilio: Queer Legacies

Stories From Chicago´s LGBTQ Archives. USA 2020, 202 pp., brochure,  29.95
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University of Chicago Press
The variety of LGBTQ life in Chicago is too abundant and too diverse to be contained in a single place. But since 1981, the Gerber/Hart Library and Archives has striven to do just that, amassing a wealth of records related to the city´s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer-identified people and organizations. In »Queer Legacies«, John D´Emilio - a pioneering scholar in the field - digs deep into Gerber/Hart´s collection to unearth a kaleidoscopic look at the communities built by generations of LGBTQ people. Excavated from one of the country´s most important, yet overlooked, LGBTQ archives, D´Emilio´s entertaining and enthusiastic essays range in focus from politics and culture to social life, academia, and religion. He gives readers an inclusive and personal look at fifty years of a national fight for visibility, recognition, and equality led by LGBTQ Americans who, quite literally, made history. In these troubled times, it will surely inspire a new generation of scholars and activists.
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