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Max Nicolai Appenroth / Maria do Mar Castro Varela: Trans Health

Max Nicolai Appenroth / Maria do Mar Castro Varela: Trans Health

Global Perspectives on Care for Trans Communities. D 2021, 400 pp., brochure,  35.98
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Although social scientists and practitioners have shown an increased interest in the inclusion of trans persons in recent years, the current position of this group in the (medical/psychological/nursing) care system remains under-researched. Studies tend to merge the issues of gender diversity and sexual diversity, rendering the lived experiences of trans persons invisible. In addition, trans people often face a discriminatory environment in which they are pathologized and stigmatized as mentally ill. This anthology addresses trans people´s access to healthcare from a transnational perspective, and offers courses of action to improve nursing, medical, therapeutic, and social care for trans persons. Most contributions of this book are written from a lived trans experience.
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