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Jessie Burton: The Confession

Jessie Burton: The Confession

UK 2020, 464 pp., pb., € 18.95
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In 1980, Elsie meets Constance on Hampstead Heath, she is a writer who is older and very charismatic, they begin a meaningful and intense lesbian relationship. When Constance takes them to L.A. as her book is going to be turned into a film, Elsie feels like she has been abandoned, as Constance is too busy for her and expects her to wait on the sidelines.In 2017, Rosie has never known her mother, as she had left when she as a child has been raised by her dad Matt. Matt gives her some books and says that her mother knew the author well. Rosie reads the books and decides to try and find Constance the writer so she can hopefully find out where her mother is. She bizarrely uses a different name and becomes Constance's assistant.
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