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Charlotte Mills: Body of Work

Charlotte Mills: Body of Work

D 2020, 231 pp., brochure,  17.95
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Ylva Verlag
London-based abstract artist Noa Stevens has turned her back on the world after too much loss. First her brother disappeared in a storm years ago, then she lost her wife. Noa´s perfectly content to bury herself away rather than face the pain and risk that comes from embracing life. She´s certainly not looking forward to an enforced break in rural England that her worried agent´s sent her on in some misguided bid to break her out of her rut and inspire new art. Busy district nurse Paige Clarke has a lot on her plate right now so a chance meeting with some hobbling, stubborn out-of-towner just adds to her workload. But for some reason the intriguing Londoner stays in her head, and the more she sees of her, the more Paige craves of her. It´s a shame Noa has such a resistance to new romance. Noa´s torn between protecting her heart and trusting it, just as strange notes start appearing about her brother´s disappearance. As ghosts from her past surface, she wonders if now´s the time to risk it all? A moving, lesbian romantic suspense about taking a chance on love after loss.
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