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Lola Keeley: Slammed

Lola Keeley: Slammed

D 2019, 271 pp., E-Book (Format epub),  9.99
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Ylva Verlag
World No. 1 tennis star Elin Larsson is in hot pursuit of a record number of Grand Slam titles. But between pressing injuries and growing anxiety, it´s starting to feel like her heart isn´t in it. Gorgeous rival player Toni Cortes Ruiz bursts onto the scene, chasing her first slam. As their paths keep crossing in big matches, a growing attraction starts to burn between the competitive women. Elin´s used to winning - but not when the woman she´s falling for is on the other side of the net. As scandals, the media, and the world starts closing in on them, Elin and Toni need to decide whether they´re competitors or on the same side. A sparkling lesbian tennis tale about rivals and romance and putting everything on the line.
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