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Amanda Boulter: Back Around the Houses

Amanda Boulter: Back Around the Houses

UK 2003, 246pp., Pb, € 13.89
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It's a long hot summer, and Gordon is nose down with his face in the grass, completely naked. The idea of coming away with a group of other men to find their animal, sensitive selves never appealed to him in the first place, and the sight of other men around him now in no way convinces him he was wrong. If only Pearl hadn't left him. Pearl is now living above the Cosmic Café in Balham where business is booming and designer T-Shirts, body pierced animal rights activists and vegans mix easily. But what exactly does she get up to in her bedroom with the man in the long red leather coat, high heels and fishnets? Andy's trying to concentrate on his tan whilest hanging out with Anna and Cass and their baby Florrie. Neighbour-from-hell Ida has discovered that Andy is Florrie's father but none of them give a damn about what nosy neighbours think. Andy's got other things on his mind, like Tony. Things liven up even more when Acorn, the now famous Eco-poet, turns up.
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