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Keith Fleming: Original Youth

Keith Fleming: Original Youth

The Real Story of Edmund White's Boyhood. USA 2003, 168 pp., cloth, € 19.39
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The story of Edmund White's own boyhood is written by his nephew Keith Fleming: untangling the weirdness and extent of his young sex life, the depth of both his occasional despair and treachery, and the intellectual and artistic brilliance that White displayed so early on. Forced from the age of 3 to be the best friend and »advisor« to his unhinged, divorced mother, fearful of his imperious father yet also sexually attracted to him, White evolved into a teenager who was at once a Buddhist, a cruiser of hustlers and married men, an »A« student, an FBI drug informant, a writer of plays and novels, a wily seducer of classmates, and someone who could be so defiant that he shocked his mother by informing her he wished to marry her boyfriend's son.
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