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Orland Outland: Different People

Orland Outland: Different People

USA 2003, 325 pp., brochure,  13.89
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Eric Hamilton and Cal Hewitt grew up across the street from each other but in very different worlds: Cal in a family of religious fundamentalists and Eric with his bohemian mother, Emma. Even though the men are powerfully attracted to each other, their upbringings send them in opposite directions. Sunny-dispositioned Eric sees life as an adventure and chooses to become a writer and an activist, while Cal pursues the wealth that he thinks is the only way he can be free of the dark strictures of his family. As time passes from the Reagan years to 2000, life surprises both these young men, leading them through mind-numbing jobs, dead-end relationships, addictions, second chances, blown opportunities, the joys of love, and the agonies of grief and loss. But there comes a moment when common experience becomes stronger than differences, when disappointment pulls both men back to their roots for renewal, when a friendship is forged from their fleeting connections.
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