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Shaya Crabtree: Tight Knit

Shaya Crabtree: Tight Knit

D 2019, 183 pp., brochure,  17.40
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Ylva Verlag
Lara Spellmeyer left her small-town life to pursue her dream of starting a cat sweater business. After being swept up in online fame and success, Lara is suddenly back home, dealing with potentially career-ending negative press. The only bright spots are Tight Knit, the knitting circle she starts with her friends, and Kerry, the charming young woman her best friend sets her up with. When Chief Editor Paige Daley asks Lara to appear in her local paper´s Hometown Heroes series, it just might restore Lara´s image to its former glory. But working with Paige on the story is a battle between Lara´s loyalty to her community and a reminder of the suffocating small-town mentality she grew up with. How could this possibly end well? - A charming, second-chance lesbian romance.
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