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Tracey Richardson: I´m Gonna Make You Love Me

Tracey Richardson: I´m Gonna Make You Love Me

USA 2018, 260 pp., brochure,  18.95
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Claire Melbourne is a steely newspaper editor who´s just lost the biggest scoop of her career, thanks to her naïve intern´s mistake. Firing the young Ellie Kirkland for the offense was a no-brainer. But when fate brings the two women together again, Claire finds herself questioning everything she thought she was - especially her cynical, take-no-prisoners approach to life. When she´s not breaking stories or breaking in reporters, Claire´s one outlet is to lose herself in Motown music and in the seat of a cheerful antique Mustang. But lose herself to the much younger, far-too-nice Ellie? There´s no breaking news there. Nope. That´s a story that needs to be spiked before it ever sees print. Ellie Kirkland is at loose ends - and not for the first time. Resistant to following the path her parents insist on, she´s been trying out careers like she´s trying on outfits at Banana Republic. Now that her dream of being a journalist is over, Ellie must begin again. And the woman who crushed that very dream is the very woman who just might hold the key to Ellie’s future.
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