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Sheryl Wright: Queen of Hearts

Sheryl Wright: Queen of Hearts

USA 2018, 254 pp., brochure,  19.95
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Can love found on television become true love? When the producers of the new TV reality show, »Queen of Hearts«, receive a last minute cancellation by one of the show´s contestants, they know their show is in jeopardy of never airing at all. Desperate for a solution, they set out to convince helicopter pilot Ally Parker to join her cousin Pam on the program. Ally reluctantly agrees, but only after being assured that she´ll be eliminated in the first round. Erin Bogner isn´t looking for love either. Convinced by her employer to be a secret plant on the show, Erin´s job is to weed out the contestants only looking for money and help Pam find true love. Erin has no interest in anything beyond making her employer happy. But things seem to change for everyone once the game begins. Ally finds herself meeting a contestant that stirs something deep inside. And Erin discovers it may be difficult to fulfill her mission of helping her employer at any cost. What happens when the game they´re all playing becomes real? The world is tuning in to find out.
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