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Brian Anderson: The Fraternity of the Estranged

Brian Anderson: The Fraternity of the Estranged

The Fight for Homosexual Rights in England, 1891-1908. UK 2018, 256 pp., hardbound,  26.95
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Originally passed in 1885, the law that had made homosexual relations a crime remained in place for 82 years. Between 1891 and 1908, three books on the nature of homosexuality appeared. They were written by two homosexual men: Edward Carpenter and John Addington Symonds, and a third, Havelock Ellis. At this time, the study of homosexuality was limited almost exclusively to the European continent. Books that were circulated freely in Europe were hardly known in England, and men who loved men were pushed to the margins of a society. In such a hostile environment, Carpenter´s and Symonds´ publications were highly significant. They were the first English contributions to the scientific understanding of homosexuality and opened the long struggle for the legal recognition of same-sex love that was finally achieved in 1967.
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