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Christopher Rice: A Density of Souls

Christopher Rice: A Density of Souls

USA 2002, 275 pp., Pb, € 0.00
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In New Orleans, three formerly inseparable friends are drawn back together. New facts about their mutual past are revealed: Meredith, Brandon, Stephen and Greg used to stick together until Greg's little brother was killed in a car-accident and grief drove his mother to madness. After the litte boy's funeral Greg was found shot dead. Was it suicide or an accident? Why did Stephen disappear from his bedroom in that very night, only to come back in the morning stark naked? What used Brandon and Greg to do to Stephen when they were alone? When five years after these events the true story emerges, long-kept secrets begin to unravel and the casual cruelties of high school develop into acts of violence that threaten to destroy the entire community. Stephen meets Brandon's older brother Jordan, whose image he had been devoted to for his whole former life. Both fall in love for each other, and Stephen's mother is very concerned to conveil, that they not only share a bed, but also a father. Family feuds and passions culminate to a peek, just as a hurricane is about to hit New Orleans. A shocking, sexy tale about childhood pals whose friendship deteriorate into a nightmare of violence and chaos - very American.
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