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Andrew Sean Greer: The Story of a Marriage

Andrew Sean Greer: The Story of a Marriage

UK 2008, 233 pp., brochure,  17.95
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Faber and Faber
It is 1953 and Pearlie, a dutiful housewife, finds herself living in the Sunset District of San Francisco, caring not only for her husband's fragile health but also for her son, who is afflicted with polio. Then, one Saturday morning, a stranger appears on her doorstep and everything changes. Her husband Holland and this man have had a gay relationship during the war. And now he wants Holland back. All the certainties by which Pearlie has lived are thrown into doubt. Does she know her husband at all? And what does the stranger want in return for his offer of $100,000? For six months in 1953 young Pearlie Cook struggles to understand the world around her, most especially her husband, Holland. Pearlie's story is a meditation not only on love but also on the effects of war - with one war just over and another, in Korea, coming to a close. Set in a climate of fear and repression - political, sexual, and racial - »The Story of a Marriage« portrays three people trapped by the confines of their era and the desperate measures they are prepared to take to escape it. Lyrical and surprising, »The Story of a Marriage« looks back at a period that we tend to misremember as one of innocence and simplicity.
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