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Matthew Lopez: The Inheritance

Matthew Lopez: The Inheritance

UK 2018, 300 pp., brochure,  19.95
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Faber and Faber
Inspired by E.M. Forster´s novel »Howard´s End«, and set in New York three decades after the height of the AIDS epidemic, »The Inheritance« wrestles with what it means to be a gay man today and with what one generation´s responsibilities may be to the next. Forster himself is summoned as a guide to help a group of young men tell their story as they explore their relationships across three generations. You have to wonder why there isn´t a word in the English language for the fireworks that go off in your brain when you finally kiss someone you´ve wanted for years. Or for the intimacy and tenderness you feel as you hold the hand of a suffering friend. How many words are there now for the different kinds of pain, the different kinds of love?
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