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Jordan Seavey: Homos, or Everyone in America

Jordan Seavey: Homos, or Everyone in America

UK 2017, 193 pp., brochure,  19.95
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Samuel French
»Love is love« - but is navigating it any less complicated today? What does it mean to be in a committed relationship? Is monogamy just monotony? Told through interweaving glimpses into the life of an everyday couple unexpectedly confronted by a vicious crime, »Homos, or Everyone in America« is a fearless, funny, heart-on-its-sleeve examination of the moments that can bring two people together - or pull them apart. Playwright Seavey is dealing with very large ideas that have bedeviled the gay »community« but also with universally recognizable emotions, even if they are dressed up in very culturally specific drag.
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