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Mohammed Azeenarh / Chitra Nagajan (eds.): She Called Me Woman

Mohammed Azeenarh / Chitra Nagajan (eds.): She Called Me Woman

Nigerian Queer Women Speak. Nigeria 2018, 344 pp., brochure, € 16.99
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Cassava Republic
This collection includes stories of first time love and curiosity, navigating same-sex feelings and spirituality, growing up gender non-conforming and overcoming family and society's expectations. As one person learns how to embrace the label of »woman«, others unravel themselves to ask what it means to be a queer Nigerian. While some tell of self-acceptance, another talks of friendship and building a home in the midst of the anti-same sex marriage law. They range from those who knew they were gay from a very early age to those who discovered their attraction to the same sex later in life. None of the stories are alike, yet all of them are the same. They challenge the stereotypes of what we assume is lesbian, bisexual, gay, and trans in Nigeria and they offer us a raw, first-hand look into the lives and realities of our family, friends, neighbours and co-workers who are queer.
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