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Jess Lea: The Taste of Her Vol. 2

Jess Lea: The Taste of Her Vol. 2

D 2018, 30.000 words, E-Book (Format PDF),  2.99
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Ylva Verlag
In the second of this two-part collection of erotic lesbian short stories, strong, beautiful, and fierce women are laid bare. - The faded punk star, her lover and a free-spirited groupie make for a voyeuristic thrill. - Muscles pump and pulses thud as a top basketballer clashes with a veteran photographer on a publicity shoot. - The cut-throat world of gourmet snack food takes a humorous turn as a corporate queen suspects her perky assistant might have an ambitious streak. - When a legendary artist turns out to be a cranky recluse, nothing could be more disappointing until her biggest fan is dared to be part of one of her sensual artworks. - The butch colonel, cast aside, is left with only her devoted page - a young woman who will never stop desiring her and will never let her down.
The Taste of Her is for those who love to dream about powerful, cool women who know their own strength.

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