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Rob Byrnes: The Night We Met

Rob Byrnes: The Night We Met

USA 2003, 324 pp., brochure,  11.59
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This is the story where cultures clash and sparks fly! Andrew Westlakes life is boring him into a coma. After 15 years of living in the Big Apple he has yet to meet up with the gay »Rat Pack«, write the great American novel or meet Mr. Right. He's resigned himself to a life of anti-fabulousness. That is until he meets the dark, hunky, Frank DiBenedetto. Frank is everything that Andrew wants: confident, charming and sweet. There's just one catch - Frank's family. It turns out that Frank is the son of the Mafia's top boss and is engaged to be married to a mafia princess. Now Andrew has enough excitement in his life to fill ten novels. In disguise and on the run from »sensitivity-trained« cops, an FBI agent, and a scorned Mafia princess, Frank and Andrew are in for a madcap romp of romance.
Schwul > Romane
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