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Lee Winter: Love is Not Nothing

Lee Winter: Love is Not Nothing

D 2017, 10.000 words, E-Book (Format epub),  0.99
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Ylva Verlag
Requiem hadn’t meant to care. Hadn’t wanted to fall in love. She didn’t do love. But life without Alison had seemed so insubstantial. Bleak. Empty. So she went back for her. It’s now been two years since Australia’s top cellist and secret underworld assassin Natalya “Requiem” Tsvetnenko stood in the rain, faced her biggest terror, and asked her »little mouse«, Alison Ryan, to move to Europe with her. What has happened since? Does Requiem still burn to hunt? Has she been tamed by love? Was her prediction right that they could never work out; that they would implode before too long? How could two such different people ever last? In a single, powerful day in Vienna, all their doubts are faced and the truth seeps into the light. - A short story sequel to lesbian crime noir »Requiem for Immortals«.
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