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Rahul Mehta: No Other World

Rahul Mehta: No Other World

USA 2018, 304 pp., pb.,  17.95
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Harper Collins
12-year-old Kiran Shah, the American-born son of Indian immigrants, longingly observes his prototypically American neighbors, the Bells. He's powerfully drawn - in a way he does not yet understand - to Kelly Bell's charismatic father, Chris. Kiran is close to his older sister, Preeti - until an unfathomable betrayal drive a wedge between them that will reverberate through their lives. As he leaves childhood behind, Kiran finds himself perpetually on the outside - as an Indian-American torn between two cultures, and as a gay man in a homophobic society. In the wake of an emotional breakdown, he travels to India, where he forms an intense bond with a teenage hijra, a member of India's ancient transgender community. With her help, Kiran begins to pull together the pieces of his broken past.
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