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Andrew Sean Greer: Less

Andrew Sean Greer: Less

USA 2018, 262 pp., pb., € 14.95
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Little Brown
Who says you can't run away from your problems? Arthur Less is a failed gay novelist about to turn fifty. A wedding invitation arrives in the mail: his ex-boyfriend of the past nine years is now engaged to someone else. Arthur cannot say yes - that would be too awkward - and he can't say no - that would look like defeat. On his desk are a series of invitations to half-baked literary events around the world. Arthur accepts them all. What would possibly go wrong? He will almost fall in love in Paris, almost fall to his death in Berlin, barely escape to a Moroccan ski chalet from a Saharan sandstorm, accidentally book himself as the (only) writer-in-residence at a Christian Retreat Center in Southern India, and encounter, on a desert island in the Arabian Sea, the last person on Earth he wants to face.
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