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Samuel A. Chambers: The Queer Politics of Television

Samuel A. Chambers: The Queer Politics of Television

UK 2009, 256 pp., brochure,  27.95
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I.B. Tauris
This book brings together the fields of political theory and television studies. In one of the first books to do so, Samuel A. Chambers exposes and explores the cultural politics of television by treating television shows - including »Six Feet Under«, »Buffy«, »Desperate Housewives«, »The L Word«, and »Big Love« - as serious, important texts and reading them in detail through the lens of queer theory. Samuel A. Chambers makes the case for the profound significance of »the cultural politics of television«, the way in which a television show´s text itself engages with the politics of its day. He argues for queer theory´s essential contribution to any understanding of the political, and initiates a larger project of queer television studies. This is an important contribution to queer theory and to the understanding of television as politics.
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