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Adrian Clark and Jeremy Dronfield: Queer Saint

Adrian Clark and Jeremy Dronfield: Queer Saint

The Cultured Life of Peter Watson Who Shook 20th-Century Art and Shocked High Society. UK 2015, 288 pp., hardback,  32.95
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John Blake
Was Peter Watson murdered in his bath by a jealous boyfriend in 1956? Murder or suicide, the art world lost one of its wealthiest, most influential patrons. This attractive man, adored by Cecil Beaton, was the subject of two scandalous novels and helped launch the careers of Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud, fell victim to a fortune-hungry lover. Elegant and hungrily sexual, Peter Watson had a taste for edgy boyfriends. He was the unrequited love of Cecil Beaton´s life - his »queer saint« - but Peter preferred the risk of less sophisticated lovers, including the beautiful, volatile, drug-addicted prostitute Denham Fouts. Peter´s thirst for adventure took him through the cabaret culture of 1930s Berlin, the demi-monde and aristocratic salons of pre-war Paris, English high society, and the glitz of Hollywood´s golden age.
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